KG Potters Shop


We would like to welcome you to K.G. Potters Shop. In our gallery of images you'll find a sampling of 10 years of making one-of-a-kind handmade sets of dishes.

The clay we use is a white stoneware fired up to 2280 degrees Farenheit. It can withstand use in the microwave without coming out burning hot.

I make the glazes. The glazes do not wash off in the dishwasher. There is no lead in the glazes or clay.

Every piece is unique; there are no two pieces exactly alike. Have you ever used handmade dishes? They have a special feel to them.

As each set is hand thrown we can not/will not ever be able to remake a set of dishes exactly the same.

We have many items in the gallery including small, large and huge mugs, honey pots, garlic keepers, apple bakers, garlic roasters, serving bowls, batter bowls, tea bag holders, and sponge holders.

Complete sets are sold by individual piece. Call for current prices.

Click here to see our gallery of images. We do not have an online store as of yet. You can however contact us at anytime for info on what is currently available, prices and immediate shipping

Please do not send orders via e-mail. If you would like to choose pieces from the website you must call the potter at the shop 520-432-9139.

We ship:
double boxed, packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Contact us:
At the studio: 520-432-2196

If you visit Bisbee, AZ:
KG Potters Shop
67 Main St. Bisbee AZ, 85063

K.G. Potters Shop - home of the infamous egg separator!